Architecture 101: Introduction to Architecture

Architecture 101: Introduction to Architecture

By Tim Fallon

  • Release Date : 2011-05-14
  • Genre : Art et architecture
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Architecture 101: Introduction to Architecture Buildings can either make or break the look of a city. There are more and more cities cropping up that have no downtown, and are architecturally boring. Who wants to live there? What world class city do you know that doesn't have architecturally stunning buildings? Busy streets, bustling economies, and breath-taking buildings are all linked. Also think about modern subdivisions. How many of them capture your imagination? None. But if you go back to a neighborhood built 70-100 years ago, it’s a different story... Because those houses were built with character. And that is what an architect does; they bring character to an otherwise boring and ugly societal necessity. This world needs good architects. We need buildings that inspire us. Throughout history, architects have been hired to make a city feel awe-inspiring. As an architect, you're free to change the landscape of a region with your designs. And we need aspiring architects to help keep the world from turning into a cookie-cutter sub-division... We need architects to change the way we feel about our work environments... We need architects to inspire us to something greater... Think about the Cathedrals of old... Do they not inspire you in their presence? Architects have real power. The problem is that many creative minds, who could transform the face of this world, have no idea how to bring their creations to life... If you have new innovative ideas about architecture... Or you want to help make this world a more beautiful place... But don't really know how to become an architect, you could be missing out on an incredible opportunity. How many opportunities have you missed out on because you didn't know a few simple basics about starting your career? How many amazing buildings could be created because you took a few simple steps to become an architect? In this Book, You'll Discover: - Architecture Basics… Start moving in the right direction immediately! - Architecture Schooling… Get the best education and produce the best buildings. - Architectural Internships... Get your hands wet and hired faster than ever! - Architecture Employment... Keys to getting a high paying job doing what you love. - And much more! Why be held back any longer? Turn those dreams into creations the world has never seen. It's not hard to become an architect, you just need passion - and to know what you're doing... This is a complete guide to becoming an architect. Everything you need to know about becoming an architect is put into this simple easy to understand guide. Things like: - An overview of architecture that paints a clear picture of what you will be doing as an architect - One simple step that will either make your architecture career - or break it - The schools that are your keys to becoming a world class architect - Starting in high school? Learn these powerful skills to get on the right track fast - Choosing your program plays a HUGE role in your career, and these keys will help you make the right choice - Is a Post-Professional architecture degree right for you? Possibly... find out in this guide… - How to build a dynamite portfolio that will get you your dream job quickly and easily - How to get your architecture degree in 2 years - What simple things you can do that will guarantee that you keep your license - Interior or Exterior Design? Find out which is right for you - Powerful keys to passing the Architect Registration Examination - Your road map to a life-changing career - Plus much, MUCH MORE! This just scratches the surface of what’s in this book. If you've ever been interested in becoming an architect, but didn't know where to start, then this book will get you started on the right foot. It contains everything you need to know to move forward with your career today!